Barcelona is a beautiful town famous for its sightseeing attractions and cannabis clubs. In case you plan to visit the city on your wed tour, for example, then you should found out more about the places to visit. Here we’re going not only to overlook one of the best weed cafes in Spain – Betty Boop Bcn but also to tell you more about cannabis laws and coffee shops in Barcelona.

What Should I Know About Marihuana in Barcelona?

The very first thing to learn is the laws and regulations about cannabis usage in case it’s the purpose of your travel. It’s a way to avoid problems with the law and other possible troubles. Thus, let’s start with a brief overlook of restrictions and your rights before we jump to the Betty Boop BCN detailed review.

Here are the legislative limitations, which you should mind, visiting Barcelona:

  • It’s prohibited to sell and/or buy any marijuana products along with hashish, and any others;
  • It’s restricted to store cannabis products;
  • It’s banned to consume marijuana in publicly accessible areas and/or in open view.

Though the restrictions by law, the following things are still allowed:

  • It’s permitted to become a member of a cannabis club and use any cannabis products within its walls;
  • It’s allowed to cultivate up to two plants in the private place;
    It’s authorized to consume cannabis privately so that nobody sees you.

As it was mentioned above, it’s restricted to buy/sell cannabis, herewith, if somebody offers you cannabis on the street be sure it’s illegal. So that you can be punished, saying nothing about that it can be dangerous for your health.

Stay on the safe side and get/consume the cannabis products in areas specially designed for the purpose – coffee shops better known as cannabis clubs.

All You Need to Know About Coffee shops in Barcelona

Let’s start with the definition of cannabis clubs in Barcelona so that you understand all the nuances of their work, rules to follow, and get insights into how to join it.

What is a Cannabis Club/Social Club?

As you could already understand it’s a place where you can get some weed safely and legally without any doubts about the quality of the products. However, it’s a closed organization and only members have access to it. It means that you can enter the club just by passing by it. You are to be accepted before. So that it’s more social clubs and it’s the main difference from coffee shops in Amsterdam.

How to Join Cannabis Club?

However, if you wish you can try to become a member of the smoking club. All you need to do for that is to meet the entry requirements and pass the interview. Such requirements make the weed cafes operate legally in Spain and Barcelona. The basic requirements are:

  • Legal age that varies from 18 years old or even older than 21 depending on the cannabis club;
  • A government-issued photo identification. You are to show your valid ID card, driver’s license, passport, or any other document with your photo;
  • Spanish address. You are to provide a valid Spanish address, yet, it’s permitted to give a hotel or temporary accommodation address;
  • Referral or sponsor. A true member of the same club should recommend you.

Betty Boop BCN Cannabis Club Review

If you’re a lover of good weed and hip-hop music, then Betty Boop cannabis club is what you need to visit. It’s one of the oldest marijuana social clubs with interesting history and high-level service. The highlight of the cannabis club is its location.

It’s located in the Sant Gervasi-Galvany area. Being outside of the city center full of the tourists, it’s a quiet paradise with green parks, stunning views, and shopping areas. No chaos. No crowds. Plaça de Francesc Macià and Turó Park are in a few minutes’ walk from Betty Boop Club.

Betty Boop is about 100 square meters place with a quite dim lightening; stylish and branded furniture; designer chairs and tables; cool images on the walls. The smoking club has an urban-chic atmosphere that is completed by the old-school and new hip-hop music played.

The cannabis club has won several awards for its excellent weed products provided. There you can try about 20 different cannabis strains. To make your pastime even more enjoyable, there is a collection of video and board games, free Wi-Fi, and all the traditional extras like filters, grinders, vaporizing implements, papers, and many more on offer. Besides that, there is a full-service bar is available, where the guests of the club can order drinks, snacks, etc.